Nail Remedy

Do you feel like your nails don’t grow as fast as you want them to? Do you feel like they chip and break too easily? Try my nail strengthening serum! Provides nutrients like vitamin E, C, A, and other vitamins that will help your nails grow longer, stronger and healthier.

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My Nail Strengthening serum comes in three sizes. 3ml 15ml and 1 oz . The 3ML are good for sampling. If you are interested, I charge 3.99$ for the 3ml. Try it and see how you like it!

If you’ve sampled my serum and you’d like more, go ahead and buy a bigger bottle. For $ 10.99 you can get the 15ml bottle and have more of my serum.

The 1 oz bottle is the biggest bottle I sell of my serum. Buy one for $17.99.

Thats not all! If you buy one of my 1 oz bottles of nail serum you can also get a of my little nail care package for $ 23.99. It comes with three small disposable nail filers, one small nail buffer, one small nail clipper, one small cuticle clipper, a cuticle pusher, a nail brush, three wooden cuticle sticks and a Thank You for supporting my business card. 🙂

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