Lip Care Remedy

Want a chapstick that’s made from natural ingredients, vegan and will ensure nourishment, moisturization and protection for your lips. Try my PureRemedy Chapsticks! My chapsticks are made of a different variety of oils that will truly nourish for your lips making them softer, smoother, hydrated and protected.

My chapsticks come in 5 amazing flavors. Marvelous Mint, Tangerine Delight, Wonderful Sugar Cookie, Sweet Cherry and Delicious Green Apple.

I charge $3.99 for each chapstick but buy two of them get them for 5.99. Buy three of them for $8.99 or buy all five flavors, pay only $12.99.

Thats not all! If you buy all 5 flavors of my chapsticks I will give you two small 10 gram jar of my Yummy LipScrub. My lip scrub will get rid of the dry dead skin off your lips giving your lip a softer and smoother texture and will also help the oils from the chapstick absorb into your lips better.

The lip scrubs comes in sugar cookie flavor only.

I love this lip scrub

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